Total Body Photography (TBP) is the term used to describe the taking of photographs of the entire body so as to have a complete record of all lesions (spots) on the body.  This allows for easy analysis, documentation and monitoring of all your skin and for easy future comparisons. Sunspot is offering this new service to all patients who have multiple lesions which are difficult to keep track of and anyone who would like a photographic account of their moles for their own records.

The key to the management of skin cancer is early detection.  This allows for constant monitoring of the skin, even after you've left the clinic. You will need to book a 30 minute appointment with the nurse.  For convenience, this can sometimes be coordinated with a skin check by the doctor immediately afterwards.  If this is the case we would require about 45 minutes of your time. The nurse will take a standard set of about 40 body photographs or more if required and you will receive a copy of your photographs on a personalised USB card to take home for your own reference.


  • Please wear comfortable clothes which are easy to remove.

  • Please wear clean, relatively brief underwear.

  • For females, bras are optional but not recommended.

  • Please ensure make up and jewellery are minimal and long hair is tied back. 


  • In a warm, private room you will be expected to undress to your underwear.

  • A series of standard photographs of your skin will be taken in about 40 set positions whilst standing.

  • We may need to take further close up photographs of any particular areas of concern.