Our primary service is a full skin check. We check the skin from head to toe, looking for any suspicious lesions.

Biopsy: If suspicious lesions are identified we can take a sample to send to pathology

Cryotherapy: Some lesions are suitable for 'freezing' or 'burning'. This can usually be done during the consultation for the skin check

Dermatoscopy: During the skin check we use a hand -held magnification device to assess individual lesions.

Images and documentation: Images are taken to record photographs of your skin. These form part of your patient file and are used for comparison in future consultations.

Non-surgical therapies: Topical creams can be prescribed to remove certain cancers or pre-cancers.

Surgery: Skin cancers can be excised (cut-off) at the clinic or at one of the day surgery facilities.

Total Body Photography: A 'Map' of all of your skin can be recorded with digital images. This creates a reference point for what is currently on your skin. You receive a copy of these images so you can compare lesions over time for change.