A shave biopsy is like a superficial scratch. The surface of the skin has been taken off and there are no stitches.


The wound will heal like a scratch and will take one to three weeks, depending on which part of the body it was taken from. Lower legs and backs are much slower to heal than faces and arms.


The initial wound dressing is usually left for 1 - 2 days.

Peel this off and clean the area with salty water. If it is stuck to the skin you can soak the whole dressing with salty water for 1-2 minutes to help break it off.

You can buy saline from the chemist (Salty water) or simply add a teaspoon of salt to a drinking glass that is about half full.

After cleaning the wound, apply a small amount of moisturising cream. This can be sorbolene, vaseline, paw paw ointment, or whichever moisturiser you already have at home.

Cover the wound again so that it doesn't get knocked or bumped. A simple band aid is usually enough.

Repeat the cleaning process every 1-2 days until the wound is healed.